Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reason #418 - Twins' New Stadium

The Twins' new roof-less ballpark opens next April. They can't wait to leave the Metrodome, which is horrible. But there will be lots of bad weather in the Upper Midwest - maybe worse than Cleveland's. What were they thinking? Let's show Cleveland they're not the only ones with no foresight? Indians play a night game there on April 20. It better be parka giveaway night.

Reason #417 - 2010 Schedule

The Indians 2010 schedule is out and they play the first six games on the road. Not good for a team that always seems to struggle in April. And, yet, the team's own Web site heralds this schedule as "a 2010 schedule that mercifully includes just seven home dates in the often cold and cruel month of April..." Brutal honesty, I guess, for some brutally cold and frustrated fans. Good luck selling tickets to those seven games.