Friday, April 13, 2007

Why Cleveland needs a dome - the first 20 reasons

1 - April 6, 2007 - Cleveland, Ohio
2- April 7, 2007 - Cleveland, Ohio
3 - April 8, 2007 - Cleveland, Ohio
4- April 9, 2007 - Cleveland, Ohio
5 - Cold, wet, windy climate - need I say more? Perhaps not, but I will
6 - Because we're not allowed to have a modern convention center
7 - A dome is shiny - like Indians slugger Travis Hafner's shaved head
8 - Dome would keep inflated-ego players from floating away
9 - Lake effect snow - the official tourist attraction of Cleveland, Ohio
10 - Another thing about Cleveland that's better than Pittsburgh
11 - Indians season ticket holders wouldn't have to beat up their friends to take at least one April game in their season ticket groups
12 - I could close down this site and move on to less pressing social issues
13 - Great for headline writers: "Domer Homer" and "Raises the Roof"
14 - The only way Cleveland will ever have a shot at a Super Bowl
15 - Domes create jobs; you can look it up
16 - Perhaps we could get a corporate sponsor; how about the Lids chain of baseball cap stores?
17 - You could take your 80-year-old grandmother to a game and not worry she'll die of heat exhaustion or extreme hypothermia
18 - You could take your 1-year-old son to a game and not worry he'll die of heat exhaustion or extreme hypothermia
19 - Everybody could experience what the suite dwellers overpay for
20 - Owners could find new sources of revenue - perhaps advertising on the ceiling for fans to see or on the outside for blimp shots. Or try selling PALs (personal air licenses)

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