Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reason #129 - MLB Trade Deadline

The Indians made no trading-deadline deals. I can only assume they were too busy figuring out the design and budget for a retractable roof on Jacobs Field.


Mark S. Kuhar said...

What you need is a good hard BONK on the dome to knock some sense into you. What Cleveland needs are team owners who spend some money. I don't care a whit if as a business they lose their shirt. They have it to lose. If you pay to put a great team on the field, fans will come out in 27 below zero and 13 feet of snow to cheer them on. And remember, dome wasn't built in a day.

Gregg LaBar said...

But what if they never pay to put a great team on the field? Decent weather is a sure thing with a roof. Great team is not a sure thing no matter how much they spend.